We doubled our pre-screening interview attendance

This is a quote from one of our customers. Their experience with Lindy is not unique.

You spend days scheduling calls, pre-screening candidates, and dealing with no-shows. Most of them never get to the next interview stage. Lindy makes you up to 6x more efficient with one-way pre-screening interviews. Find & hire talent faster.

Your first project is on us!

What is Lindy?

A Lindy interview is like a video call with your candidate — except you don't have to participate. Imagine doing hundreds of screening calls in a fraction of the time.

Lindy is a faster way to uncover great candidates.

Your candidates will thank you

Our mobile-ready, easy-to-use and intuitive video interviewing platform helps you waste less time on scheduling & admin and reach more candidates. Less is more.

  • Mobile-first interviewing

    We built an interviewing platform for modern recruitment — intuitive, fast and works on any device without any extra apps.

  • No passwords to remember

    Our secure passwordless interview login allows candidates to go from invitation to interview in ten seconds.

  • Location independent

    Since Lindy interviews are asynchronous, your candidates can take their interviews anywhere, anytime.

You are in control

Lindy's recruiter dashboard allows you to see your ongoing campaigns at a glance and drill down to a specific candidate with just a few clicks, on any device and any browser.

  • Email notifications

    Never be out of the loop — get notified when one of your candidates completes their interview.

  • Sharing & reporting

    Our unique internal sharing functionality allows you to share individual candidates or candidate groups, quickly and securely.

  • GDPR compliant

    Lindy is fully GDPR compliant. Data retention period can be customised in your account settings. All of the data resides in the EU.

Screenshot of Lindy dashboard

Loved by HR teams around the world

...and many others

From the blog

Read our in-depth interview with Veriff, Estonia's start-up of the year 2019, on how they leverage Lindy in their recruitment.

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about how you could save hundreds of hours on candidate pre-screening with Lindy, leave us your e-mail and let's discuss how Lindy could help you hire faster.

  • ∞% uptime in the last 30 days
  • Secured with 2048-bit encryption
  • Walkthrough and training available
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Lindy is a candidate pre-screening solution.