The platform is operated by: Circaloop OÜ, registration code: 14087973, address: Lee 17, Haabersti district, Tallinn, Harjumaa, 13521, e-mail: (hereinafter "Circaloop".)


Circaloop has created a platform for conducting interviews, named "Lindy" (hereinafter, "the Platform"), on which the clients and partners of Circaloop (hereinafter, "the Client") can conduct video interviews with job candidates. Job candidates (hereinafter, "the Candidates") provide different answers and data, including personal data, while conducting interviews on the Platform.

Circaloop takes the protection of personal data very seriously,thus the following privacy policy (hereinafter, "the Privacy Policy") describes how Circaloop uses and protects data that the Candidate submits through the Platform. The Privacy Policy regulates conditions on how the Platform processes data and each Candidate or Client using the Platform must agree with it.


The Candidate entering the Platform must submit the following personal data:

  • First and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number
    (hereinafter, "the Personal Data")

During the video interview organised by the Client for the purpose of answering questions the Candidate may either a) present his- or herself to the Client or b) through a presented video recording or audio recording the Client may become aware of the following data on the Candidate: sex, race, date of birth, education, place of employment and previous employments, skills, languages and other information submitted by the Candidate during the application process (hereinafter, "the Candidate’s Data").

Circaloop will record the Persondal Data and the Candidate’s Data in its server and database, including the conducted interview video image together with the audio and the Candidate’s answers.


Upon entering and using the Platform The Candidate gives their agreement to the extent of the Privacy terms, to store and process Personal Data and the Candidate’s Data to guarantee the successful conducting of the video interview and the access of necessary data for the client.

Personal Data is stored and processed by Circaloop according to the law Circaloop Privacy Terms electronically. In the event of the Client’s grounded demand, Circaloop extracts Personal Data in other forms. Circaloop saves all video interviews conducted between the Client and the Candidate in its database. The Candidate’s data will be stored for a maximum of 6 months after the recording time of the video interview. After this, all of the data is erased from Circaloop servers.

Circaloop transmits the Personal Data to the Client, who will conduct a video interview through the Platform. The Client also has access to the videos saved to Circaloop. Without the Candidate’s prior agreement, Circaloop does not give out, sell, or disclose Personal Data or the Candidate’s Information to any third parties, including other clients looking for emloyees.

The Candidate serves the right to see their Personal Data and request their deletion or improvement, except when the law states differently. The Candidate serves the right to take back their agreement to process Personal Data and the Candidate’s Information. Additionally, the Candidate serves the right to request the termination of the processing of their data and deletion of the already collected data. The application request for this process can be submitted via e-mail:


Circaloop keeps Personal Data, the Candidate’s Data, and the recordings of the video interviews in its safe server, protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical measures.

All copyrights to the contents, design, and functionality of the Platform belong to Circaloop.


Circaloop serves the right to change the Privacy Terms at any time. The updated Privacy Terms become effective after disclosed in the system of the Platform.

Circaloop is authorized to restrict the Candidate’s access to the Platform at any time, particularly in case, if this is requested by Circaloop’s client or partner interviewing the Candidate. This can occur when the Client breaches the Terms and Conditions, does not obey their obligations, or acts incorrectly on the Platform.

Circaloop is authorized to make any changes in the Platform and the format or build-up of the forementioned Platform, as well as the technical solution of the Platform and functionality.

The Privacy Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance to the law in the Republic of Estonia. Possible arguments will be attempted to be solved through negotiations by Circaloop and the Client. In the event of not reaching a consensus the arguments shall be taken to the first degree of Harju County Court.

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