Value-based pricing that makes sense

Hiring is seasonal — only pay for what you use

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Billed at the end of the month, for the amount you've used.
Nothing else.

You'll spend about

$0 per Candidate



Seasonal hiring requirements - pay only for what you use

0 - 200 interviews/month

  • Candidate scoring

  • Reporting & report extracts

  • Transcriptions enabled

  • Unlimited questions per project

  • Configurable answer time & number of attempts

  • Unlimited users per organisation

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Enterprise level with consistently high candidate volumes

200+ interviews/month

Everthing in Standard plus:

  • Custom Contract Rates

  • Seat-based pricing

  • Priority Support

  • Guided on-boarding

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Frequently asked questions

How many recruiter accounts can I have?
If you’re on the Standard plan, you can have as many accounts as you’d like. Just drop us an email to activate your colleagues’ accounts. We charge only by the number of interviews completed, not by seat.
What kind of support can I expect?
We aim to reply to all incoming queries, from candidates and customers, within 24 hours, but we normally reply within a few hours.
Am I going to get charged as soon as I create a project?
No — we will bill you once per month. Your first 10 interview submissions are free, and you will only be charged for subsequently completed interviews by your candidates.
How is my usage calculated?
We’re big on value-based pricing. You’re only charged however much you use — which is, the number of completed interviews your candidates submit at the end of every month.
My company doesn’t have a credit card. How else can I sign up?
You can email us at for other forms of account and billing activation.
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